Professor of Political Science, Paris 8 University (since September 2010). Member of Paris 8 University president’ bureau (since 2017), coordinator of the bureau (since 2022). Codirector of the bi-master program Paris 8 University/Viadrina University (Frankfurt/Oder) (since September 2020). Codirector of the master program in political science (since September 2022).

Researcher, Paris Centre for Sociological and Political Studies (CRESPPA), CNRS/Paris 8 University/ Paris Nanterre University (since September 2003).

Associate Member, Nuffield College, University of Oxford (respectively from April 2019 and January 2021), and Maison Française d’Oxford (from September 2022); associate member, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Université Libre de Bruxelles (from April 2024).

Invited professor, Neuchâtel University, Humanities and social sciences school (since 2018).

“On the democratic as on the ecological issues, the status quo is not an option. If we don’t not radically change our political institutions, and our mode of production and consumption, we are heading towards very dark scenarios.”

Yves Sintomer


Yves Sintomer began his studies at the universities of Besançon, Paris 8 and Paris Nanterre. He holds a doctorate in Political and social sciences from the European University Institute in Florence, and spent part of his doctorate at the universities of Frankfurt/Main and Harvard. He completed a Habilitation to direct research in Sociology at the University of Paris V.

Active in the public sphere, he had with others launched the journal Mouvements and, for a long time, he advised La Découverte, one of the main French publishers in social and human sciences. He regularly appears in the written and audiovisual press.

He was deputy director of the Marc Bloch Center (Berlin) between 2006 and 2009, and senior member of the Institut Universitaire de France (one of the most prestigious French institutions) between 2012 and 2017. He taught or stayed at a number of foreign universities, including Yale, Harvard, University College London, Humboldt (Berlin), Goethe (Frankfurt/Main), Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), Spanish Basque Country, Tsinghua (Beijing), Peking University.

He is presently professor of Political science, University of Paris 8, researcher at the Center for Sociological and Political Research and Studies of Paris (CRESPPA), and Doctor honoris causa from the University of Liège. He is also an associate member of Nuffield College (University of Oxford), the University of Neuchâtel and the Free University of Brussels.

He has published numerous articles and books, in 20 languages, on the democratic issue, on critical theory, on sociology in France and Germany, as well as on political representation. He recently published The Government of Chance. Sortition and Democracy from Athens to the Present, Cambridge University Press. He is currently working on a global history of democracy from a non-Western-centric perspective.

Current Activities

Chinese version of The Government of Chance. Sortition and Democracy from Athens to the Present
Peking University Press, 2024; (forthcoming).
The Government of Chance. Sortition and Democracy from Athens to the Present, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2023.


Email address : yves.sintomer@univ-paris8.fr

Phone number : +33 06 70 03 94 51

Professional address : CRESPPA/CNRS, 59-61 rue Pouchet, 75 849, PARIS Cedex 17